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Gossip Girl

Does Chuck Bass Die, But Then Come Back as a Ghost? — Gossip Girl Speculation!

With Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) left just barely clinging to life after a horrific car crash, we have to wonder: Would Gossip Girl really kill him off?

We’ve considered every possible angle, and we’re gonna throw an idea out at you: Chuck Bass the Ghost!

Before you squeal in disgust and start heckling from the sidelines, just imagine it. Chuck Bass would be watching on as Blair (Leighton Meester) moves forward, he’d finally get to reconnect with his deceased father, and the whole thing could play out a la Edward Cullen during that haunting middle section of New Moon! Sure, Blair and Chuck wouldn’t end up together forever, but they kinda would!

Yes? NO? Let’s examine the evidence...

Why Chuck Bass just MIGHT be a ghost

While we’ve seen a lot of pics of Ed Westwick filming future scenes, none of them really show him partaking in the action. Sure, there’s the dance sequence, but that’s almost guaranteed to be a dream! And sure, he’s outside the bar at the bachelorette party and he’s gonna be at the wedding, but... ghosts can be everywhere, duhhh!

Plus, making Chuck a ghost would be a great way to stir up some major drama — without actually having to write Ed Westwick off the show.

What ghostly Chuck would mean for the show


DEAD CHUCK! Boooo! On the other hand, just think of the drama. It’d mess with everyone ― Blair and Lily in particular, but also BFF Nate, 2nd-BFF Dan and half-sis Serena!

Let’s face it, GG probably only has one season left... And one season could be the perfect amount of time for everyone to recover and be moving on. As a ghost, Chuck could lend support to all his pals, AND maybe he’d have some fun times screwing with that total basstard, Uncle Jack. No? Okay, try this on for size... Ghost Chuck would be free to throw out ALL the one-liners he wanted! Seriously... that could basically be his whole role!!

Why Chuck the Ghost is unlikely

We mean, Chuck Bass... dead? That could be suicide for a show that’s already not doin’ super well in the ratings this season. Plus, isn’t the series finale almost guaranteed to be that “FINALLY” moment for B and Chuck to be together? Aren’t Chair the UES version of Ross and Rachel? C’MON!

...which means

We’re back to all these other options.

But, still we have to ask: Would you still watch Gossip Girl if Chuck Bass were but a ghost haunting the UES?

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12.14.2011 / 02:54 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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