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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ken Baumann on Shailene Woodley’s Oscar Buzz, the Future of Secret Life and Returning to Castle — Exclusive!

It's big a been year for Ken Baumann and the cast of Secret Life of the American Teenager. The second half of season 3 and the first half of season 4 continued to deliver great ratings for ABC Family. And on the personal side, they celebrated many successes, including Allen Evangelista welcoming a baby boy and Shailene Woodley earning Oscar buzz for The Descendants.

So what does 2012 hold for the Secret Lifers, on and off screen? Ken chatted with Wetpaint Entertainment about his co-stars' good fortune, the status of his reccuring role on Castle and whether Secret Life will continue on with a potential Academy Award winner!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You guys have had a crazy year. Allen Evangelista is a dad now.

Allen Evangelista: His baby is so great. Not all babies are keepers in the looks department, really. I've just got to be frank, but this one is good. This one's got a nice little symmetrical face, good head of hair, he's a pretty cool little one.

Did Allen bring the baby to set?

Yeah, the last day we have a big lunch that everyone tries to come to and it was him and momma and baby, the little family unit.

The baby is hilarious. He didn't have total control over his eyes yet. So he would occasionally be looking at you, and lapse on to a really hilarious cross‑eye and just stare at you cross‑eyed. And I was just dying.

I thought that was the most amusing and wonderful little thing. But yeah, it was nice to have Allen’s whole family there. It's pretty cool.

And Shailene's success with The Descendants ... can you believe all the Oscar buzz?

It's great! I am pulling 210 percent for that Academy Award nomination for that girl. She deserves it, and the movie, she easily outshines everyone, including Mr. Clooney, and that's saying something.

She does a great, great job, and I actually don't think that that's something Clooney would argue with. It seems to me that everybody's on board for her to take home this award. I would just be thrilled.

I mean, how crazy is that? It's wonderful! I hope that all the buzz carries through and gets in voters' ears, and they give the girl a nomination. She certainly deserves it for her work that movie.

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What do you think that means for Secret Life?

I don't know. It's a particular sort of show in that has a great audience, and yet, there's these notions about it that it's just this one-note thing. And it's not. It's lazy to reduce it to that.

I think if an actress who regularly appears on that show gets nominated for an Academy Award, hopefully, you have people look at the show in a different light and say, “OK. It actually does have more going for it.”

At its very least, Brenda Hampton’s brilliant in finding great actors and giving them the material to sharpen up and work and become good. I think that's pretty undeniable.

What about your role as Alexis’ boyfriend Ashley on Castle? Is that done?

Well, I went in and did like a voiceover for it, and it sounded like it was going to be a break-up phone call or something. And then it turned out to be what it was.

You know, I can’t blame them.. I've been through long-distance relationships — they all sort of burn out, crash like a big old blimp. So I would guess that it's finito for now, but I don't know. I mean if they have me back, great. I love the show, and I love the cast and working with everybody's great.

I could always become a murderer and go nuts and hunt her down and then Nate [Fillion] would have to come chase me. I don't think anybody on the planet would be upset by the idea of Stana [Katic] chasing him down and trying to arrest him. I think that would be a lot of fun.

Check out Ken’s other ventures at and And read the first part of our interview with Ken about the next season of Secret Life!

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