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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh, Snap! Brandi Glanville Compares Adrienne Maloof’s Dancing to Seinfeld’s Elaine

After the Malibu Beach Party From Hell, it was nice to see the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills having a good time together at Adrienne Maloof’s Palms Resort in Vegas. While everybody let loose that night (and some maybe got a little too loose!), it was especially fun to watch Adrienne — who’s normally all work and no play — bust a serious move. However, not everybody was enchanted by Adrienne’s fancy footwork.

In her Bravo blog Brandi Glanville writes: “I had so much fun letting loose with Camille. I love dancing with my girlfriends. It's all in good fun! OK, so I adore Adrienne, but we're going to need to brush up her dance moves. Elaine from Seinfeld, anyone??? Just kidding! But seriously, much love to Adrienne for hosting us.” Hey, we got little kicks out of it! And despite what Bad Girls Club might have taught us, not everybody feels comfortable grinding on national TV.

On a more serious note, Brandi said she empathized with Kim Richards in Season 2, Episode 15. “The one part of the show that actually brought me to tears was watching Kim's breakdown to Kyle,” writes Brandi. “I felt so badly for Kim, and on some level I think I feel a bit of her pain. It is so hard being a single mother and struggling to find a real partner that you want to share your life with.”

Source: Bravo