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Jersey Shore

Pauly D Beats Kim Kardashian on Facebook’s List of Popular Celebrities in 2011

We knew Pauly D was popular with the ladies, and even a bro here and there, but who knew just how popular the G-Unit artist was on Facebook this year?

Facebook announced its most popular topics, pages, and celebrity-related media for the year, and on the Top 10 “Fastest growing Pages and most popular media in 2011,” Pauly D is ranked number 9.

Before you Jersey Shore fans get upset at the seemingly low ranking on Facebook’s Top 10 list, consider this: Pauly ranked higher than perhaps the most prominent famous face around the world. Its name? Kim Kardashian.

Maybe this means Kim will come around asking Pauly if she can, pretty please with glitter on top, make a guest appearance on his spin-off show. That’s something we’d make sure to watch.

Source: Facebook

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