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Revenge Spoilers: Gabriel Mann Says Nolan and Tyler Have a Future

Much like Romeo and Juliet, Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) relationship on Revenge is star-crossed and will most likely end with a tragic death. You might think Nolan is so over Tyler considering that Ty threw his computer in the pool and called their rendez-do “disgusting,” but not so much.

"There's definitely a future to the relationship,” Gabriel Mann tells Entertainment Weekly. “Whether it's going upwards or straight to hell will be a good question that will be answered very soon."

We love us some TyleNol, but we also ‘ship Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan’s banter. Will the stay on bad terms or get back together when Revenge returns in January?

"The fun of playing that relationship is that it evolves every single episode," Gabriel says, "There's only so many times I can get thrown out, or not! We'll see the depths of Nolan's desperation for companionship and the Clarke family."

Who else is hoping that Nolan is David Clarke (James Tupper) and Victoria Grayson's (Madeleine Stowe) love child?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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