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Speak Like a Gleek! The Ultimate Glee Glossary From Wordnik’s Word Soup

Our beloved Glee characters (and the writers behind them) give us a lot to chew on every week — but even the die-hardest of die-hard fans can have a hard time keeping up with the crazy word play.

Thankfully, our friends a Wordnik have put together a handy glossary to some Glee-tastic expressions. Between Santana’s sass, Sue’s snark and Kurt’s kwik, ahem, quick wit, you’ll have a blast reliving the best (and most cryptic?) lines of Season 3 so far.

Here’s a taste...

smell like Craigslist
Kurt [to Sebastian]: “You smell like Craigslist.” - “Hold on to Sixteen” Episode, December 6, 2011
To smell like Craigslist means to have an air of tawdriness or vulgarity, perhaps due to certain sections of the online classifieds service. The phrase also echoes smells like teen spirit, the Nirvana song.

flannel closet
Santana: “Do you realize you’re basically forcing me out of the flannel closet?” - “I Kissed a Girl” Episode, November 29, 2011
Flannel closet is based on the phrase, in the closet, “not open about one’s sexuality.” To come out of the closet means to “to tell others about homosexuality, bisexuality or any minority or disapproved-of belief, preference, etc, where previously this had been kept secret.” The secretive sense of the word closet first referred to alcoholism (1952), but by the 1970s was “used principally of homosexuality.” Flannel refers to the stereotype that lesbians favor flannel clothing.

Check out the full Glee-themed Word Soup at Wordnik’s awesome blog!

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