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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Music: Songs Playing in Season 2, Episode 2, ”Curveball”

Dying to know the name of that song playing during Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 2: "Curveball"? Check out our music guide, and click to buy available songs from iTunes!

1. "Switch It Up" by Middle Distance Runner

Kailyn drops off Isaac at Jo's house

2. "No Room" by All Smiles

Kailyn and Meagan talk about her living situation

3. "Pope Killdragon" by Strand of Oaks

Jenelle stops by Amber's house for a shower and talk

4. "Ghost" by Marc Robillard

Leah tears up as she talks about the eye doctor with Corey

5. "In Your Shoes" by Long Long Showers

Chelsea leaves her hospital check-up

6. "Leaving Out the Punch" by Buildings Breeding

(scene: Chelsea talks to Adam about her surgery)

7. "These Things" by Cannoneers

Kailyn vents about the note her mom's boyfriend left her

8. "Homeward" by Tim Cullen

Jordan encourages Kailyn to get welfare

9. "A Good Year" by Automatic Empire

Leah gets the doctor's report on Ali's eyes

10. "Even the Oxen" by Jonny Polonsky

Jenelle and Kieffer argue and she drops him off to go gambling

11. "What I Had To Do" by Tiny Animals

Kailyn looks at an apartment

12. "We're All Insane" by Pensive

Kieffer and Jenelle fight about his drinking

13. "Subconscious High" by Dark Brown

Kieffer and Jenelle fight about his drinking

14. "Going Places Unknown" by Emelo

Aubree kisses Adam, then Chelsea

15. "Emmawood" by Buildings Breeding

(scene: Leah and Corey talk to his mom about Ali's eye doctor)

16. "Until We Head Into the Stars" by Dave Thomas Junior.

Final montage

Source: MTV Music Lounge

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