Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: ”Curveball”
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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: ”Curveball”

The Teen Mommies are back at it again, and this week they’re bringing even more dramz to the reality chopping block than usual.

Better unbutton your jeggings because you might feel vaguely unsettled after this emotional and OMG-worthy episode.


Last week, Jenelle was kicked to the curb for making sweet, secret love to Kieffer Delp and his bad self, and now she and The Delpinator are shacking up in her car. It’s like a road trip to nowhere!

Sadly, Kieffer’s drinking (and smoking ... and gambling) problem is getting in the way of their relationship, and Jenelle’s bumming hard about how much her life sucks — especially since she can’t see Jace.

The situation spirals out of control when Kieffer bets all his money at the “sweepstakes” and gets wasted at — you guessed it — Planet Fun!

Here’s what goes down: Kieffer pops open a bottle of booze in the parking lot, exposes his full moon (the horror!) and shoves Jenelle into the car, causing her to have a total meltdown.

Sorry, Delpeliscious, but we’re #teamjenelle on this one.


Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: ”Curveball”
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Leah and Corey’s marriage might be slightly strained, but their first priority is Baby Ali’s health.

Leah takes the baber to the doctor to get her swaggerific pink glasses checked out, and learns that Ali’s optic nerves are shorter than normal.

Unfortunately, this could mean that she has a brain abnormality, which could be affecting her development. The doc suggests an MRI, but Leah’s hesitant to put Ali under anesthesia twice in one year.

Luckily, Leah and Corey are super supportive of each other during this rough time and are thrilled that Ali doesn’t have to undergo surgery.

And in less sad news? Baby Aleeah takes her first steps in this episode! Woo hoo!


Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: ”Curveball”
Credit: MTV    

What’s with all the Teen Moms getting booted from their parents’ digs lately? First Jenelle, and now Kailyn!

This poor girl comes home to a shock when she finds a note from her mom’s boyfriend complaining that she’s too messy. Kailyn’s working two jobs and goes to school — can you really blame her for not making the bed?

Kail’s eager to move out of her mom’s house of horrors, so she meets up with Jordan somewhere that looks alarmingly like Planet Fun to chat about finding a new place to live. Jordan wants his lady to go on welfare, so she interviews with a non-profit that helps teen moms find housing.

After the meet n’ greet, Kailyn goes shopping for apartments with one of the counselors and finds a great new place for her and Issac to put down roots. We can’t wait for them to start their lives in a sweet new pad!


Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: ”Curveball”
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The boys just can’t get enough of Chelsea! This girl’s hunky-yet-shady baby daddy, Adam, is taking a break from dirt-bike riding in an attempt to win back his woman, and we’re less than thrilled.

Luckily, Chelsea doesn’t have much time to think about Adam because she falls down the stairs and tears her ACL. Ouch! Her mom, Mary, comes over (wearing amazing jack-o-lantern earrings) and takes Chelsea to the hospital, where we learn that she’ll need knee surgery.

Meanwhile, Adam has turned into a bona fide Knight In Shining Armor and manages to sweep Chelsea off her pink, furry Uggs. Not so surprisingly, Chelsea decides to take her man back — though she claims she’s doing it for Aubree.

Hmmm, we’ll see about that!

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