Torrey DeVitto Tells Us Her Vampire Diaries Character Will Be Sticking Around Awhile — Exclusive!
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The Vampire Diaries

Torrey DeVitto Tells Us Her Vampire Diaries Character Will Be Sticking Around Awhile — Exclusive!

It must be daunting to walk onto a show with a body count as high as The Vampire Diaries, but Pretty Little Liars Torrey DeVitto has lasted longer than many guest stars. She’s slated to make her debut in Season 3, Episode 10, “The New Deal,” and she told Wetpaint Entertainment that thus far she’s filmed four episodes. That means her character, Mary — who is a new love interest for grieving history teacher Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis) — will be sticking around awhile. Don’t worry, PLL fans. Torrey says Melissa isn’t going anywhere yet.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve already filmed four episodes. Is Mary still alive and well in Mystic Falls?
Torrey DeVitto: Yes. I haven’t gotten an official end date yet. That seems to be the guest star and recurring role path, right? It’s like, you know you have a death date when you join the show.

What’s your character like?
She’s a doctor and she meets Alaric and is intrigued about how he has survived an accident and is medically intrigued by him. Through that they develop a connection and a relationship. And so she’s intrigued by him in more than one way.

What’s it like on The Vampire Diaries set?
I’ve gotten to work with a lot of people, but I mostly work with Matt Davis. I’ve had so much fun working with him because I think he’s a really great actor and he’s so nice. Everybody’s just really nice and respectful and easygoing. Some jobs you walk onto, it’s like instant stress and anxiety the whole time. It’s not been this way with everybody there. They’ve been really, really, really great.

Does Mary have any supernatural powers?
I’m human. I think that the show is so crazy with vampires, and werewolves and hybrids and all these kind of things that I think it kind of needs someone that’s just a doctor. I like being the more grounding, realistic on such a sci-fi, crazy show. It’s kind of cool.

Is Mary a rebound for Alaric or do things get serious between them?
For my character’s sake I hope it’s more serious. But you never know. Obviously I’ve watched the show here and there, so when I came on I did hear about all the horrible things that had happened [to Alaric’s girlfriends]. It’s kind of like, this poor guy. I hope that it’s more than just a rebound because it sounds like he needs something that actually lasts for a little bit and doesn’t end so tragically. You have to feel bad for him a little bit.

You play Melissa on Pretty Little Liars as well. How are the sets on the two shows different?
I basically work with one person on each show. I work with Troian [Bellisario] 90 percent of the time and I’ve been working with Matt 90 percent of the time, so that’s totally different because it’s a sister relationship and more of a connection relationship, but both are great to work on.

People always ask us if you’re related to Dany DeVito
That’s so funny. No. I do get asked that a lot, but no.

You recently played violin on Stevie Nick’s song “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)" on her recent album In Your Dreams. How did that come about?
I grew up playing violin and before I even knew I wanted to act, I always thought that violin was my path in life and that was what I was going to do. And then when I got into acting when I was 15, 16 I still kept up with my violin.

[Stevie Nicks] knew that I played; she’s one of my mom’s best friends, so I’ve known her for a really long time. This song was really close to her, and she was like, ‘I want you to play this and you to play this only.’ So I played for her and we worked together and it was a lot of fun.

Torrey DeVitto Tells Us Her Vampire Diaries Character Will Be Sticking Around Awhile — Exclusive!
Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures    

Could you talk a little about Global Roots, the charity you and your husband, Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley, are involved in?

Paul and I sat down to do that a couple months ago. We had met Rick [Montgomery], the guy who runs the whole thing over the summer. He said it would be really great if we could get some young people to bring awareness to this. We read all about it and we just fell in love with the concept.

I wanted to be really hands on if I was going to do this, so if my schedule permits it, we’re going to go and do a service trip next summer over to Africa. It’s just something I just loved being involved with, and I know Paul felt the same way.

I went to a high school in Portland a few months ago where I met this one high school girl who literally raised the money at her high school to be able to go over to Africa. She’s raised like thousands and thousands of dollars to get these wells built over in Africa. I wish I was that cool when I was in high school. It’s just been an amazing experience so far.

Learn more about Torrey and Paul’s charity, Global Roots, here.

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