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Teen Mom

”You Never Talk to Me About Anything. Unless It’s About Drugs”: Greatest Teen Mom 2 Quotes From Season 2, Episode 2

This week’s episode of Teen Mom had our stomach aching from a mixture of laughter, tears and pizza.

These ladies and their dashing gents almost never check themselves before they wreck themselves, and the result is a wonderful combo of hilarity and introsepction. Let the word-vomit begin!

8. Kailyn cries about her living situation: “I’d rather be broke and happy.”

This literally had us tearing. Poor Kail!

7. Jenelle calls her friend, Amber: “I was wondering if we could take showers at your house.”

You know, because she’s a homeless grifter and all.

6. Chelsea defends her decision to take Adam back: “You know what? My head isn’t hurting. My heart hurts.”

We’re worried it will hurt even more once Adam is back in the picture!

5. Chelsea calls up her bestie: “So, I’m sitting here studying for my GED, or whatever ....”

Emphasis on the “or whatever.”

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4. Jenelle complains to Kieffer about their relationship: “You never talk to me about anything. Unless it’s about drugs.”

Hugs, not drugs, Delp.

3. Random Dude Named Ben: “Planet Fun is down the road!”

If by “Planet Fun” he means "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams," then yes.

2. Kieffer tries to form a sentence: “I don’t know why you want me to do what Jenelle wants me to do all the time every day.”

One too many bong hits.

1. Ben yells at Jenelle: “What the f*ck! That was my change jar, Jenelle! What did you do that for?"

Never come between a man and his change jar.

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12.14.2011 / 09:29 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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