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Teen Mom

3 Cutest Baby Moments on Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 2

We watch Teen Mom 2 for the insane drama-rama, but our favorite part of the show? The adorable babies!

Of course, being a teenage parent comes with huge responsibilities and plenty of stretch marks — but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to appreciate how precious these tiny tots are!

Check out the five cutest baby moments from episode 2, “Curveball!”

1. Aleeah Learns To Walk!

Baby Aleeah took her first steps this week — straight into her mommy’s arms! We couldn’t believe our eyes when this baber tottered over to Leah, one shaky step at a time.

It won’t be long before she’s running around the house causing all kinds of trouble! Thank goodness for MTV, or Leah and Corey might not have caught this important milestone on camera.

2. Aubree Gives Kisses!

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The American people are less than thrilled that Chelsea and Adam are back together, but Baby Aubree is over the moon! We’ve never seen this cutie pie happier, and she expressed her enthusiasm by planting kisses all over her parents.

Awww, at least Chelsea and Adam have someone ‘shipping for them! Even if that someone is a 2 -year-old.

3. Isaac Poops His Pants!

Credit: MTV    

Isaac must love his new apartment, because he marked his territory right in the middle of the kitchen. Leave it up to this kiddo to bring some LOLz to an otherwise serious moment about Kailyn getting her own place.

Oh, Isaac. Sometimes our stomachs get upset during Teen Mom, too, little buddy!

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