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Modern Family

5 Ways to Get Through the Modern Family Hiatus!

Modern Family’s hiatus only just started and we’ve already spiraled down into a fit of depression. Basically, we need Fizbo and we needed him, like, yesterday.

If you’re feeling the hiatus blues like the rest of us, it’s time to unwind with five simple ways to get through these bleak comedy-less weeks until Modern Family returns January 4, 2012. .

1. Re-Live the Memories With Season 1 On DVD

Each season of Modern Family is better than the next, but nothing beats the good times in season one. Baby Lily was at her finest, Dylan wrote some of his best music, and “clowning” had just entered our vocabulary. Oh, happy day!

Nothing’s cozier than hunkering down with a cup of hot chocolate and a Snuggie to watch a Modern Family marathon — and if you really want to get into the holiday spirit, stick on a pair of Jay-inspired reindeer ears!

2. Write Some Manny-Approved Poetry

Bored out of your mind this winter? Good thing you’re a poet and you didn’t know it! Try your hand at Manny’s favorite hobby: Poetry! This 11-year-old (going on 80) loves to put pen to paper and pour his heart out in verse, so take a page out of his book and write a few rhyming couplets about how sexy Phil’s alternate personality is! (Love you, Clive.)

Just don’t get “too free with the free verse.” Manny does not approve of such frivolity — especially during the holidays.

3. Get Your Family Together for an Express Christmas Extravaganza!

If you’re more than the usual amount of stressed about buying your fam stocking stuffers, why not pull a Dunphy and get through Christmas in just a few hours?

Delegate chores to different members of your family, and before you know it you’ll be drowning in presents — or, in Gloria’s case, broken shards of tree topper. Major bonus points if you rent a snow machine and fill your front yard with the white stuff as a special surprise!

Credit: Peter Stone/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

4. Do a Good Deed!

The Dunphys and Pritchetts have their faults, but all-in-all they’re a generous and giving family who always put others first. Well, almost always. Claire and Cam are the resident do-gooders of the clan, so learn from their example and do a good deed this year!

You can donate money to your favorite charity, volunteer to work at a local soup kitchen, or just buy an extra nice gift for your loved ones. Even the smallest sweet thought gets Santa’s stamp of approval!

5. Add Some Flare to Your Cuffs!

At this point, we can’t bear to suffer through another year with plain shirt cuffs. Not while Cam’s explosions of sartorial genius are mocking us each week. Apparently, the Modern Family wardrobe department has Cam’s famous cuffs specially made, so if you want to steal his style you’ll need to get crafty.

Take a trip to the fabric store, pick out a festive plaid and get sewing. Or, gluing. Or, stapling, if we’re being honest.

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