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Glee Season 3, Episode 10 Title Change: Does It Mean Bad News for Wemma?

Wuh-oh! Just as good news was comin’ in for Will and Emma’s new year, TVLine is confirming that the much-buzzed January return ep has changed its name from “The Proposal” to “Yes/No”!

Is it just us, or does that perhaps suggest a less desirable outcome? Matthew Morrison claimed yesterday that the Season 3 proposal was unlike anything we will have seen or “could have ever imagined in [our lives]” — so who could say “no” to that?


In the preview for Episode 10, we saw the visual spoils of Will’s impending proposal to Ms. Pillsbury, and even what looked like Emma’s fantasy walk down the… school hallway. Weird. But the details of the proposal are turning out to be even weirder.

Matthew Morrison dished a little bit more to TVLine with, “All I can say is it’s wet. And it involves a big dance.” Wet like a cold swim in December? Lea Michele’s recent tweet about taking a winter dip “at work” has us thinking that New Directions will be heavily involved in the big (wet) proposal.

Maybe with a little hep from Sam’s synchronized swim teammates? We hope so!

Source: TVLine

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12.15.2011 / 12:56 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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