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Gossip Girl Spoiler: Is Chuck Bass Alive — And NOT a Ghost? Photographic Evidence!

Okay, we’ll admit it: We don’t really think Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) will turn apparition and start haunting his friends on the UES. And clearly you don’t either. But it was fun to speculate, right??

We’re admitting defeat on the theory now because, well, there’s some serious evidence to the contrary. Photos are rollin’ in from this week’s filming, and there on the streets of NYC is one fantastically dressed gent named Ed Westwick... as Chuck Bass. See what we mean?

Ghosts can’t very well communicate on the phone, as far as we know, and they’re not likely to take on dog-walking duties either. And even if we could rationalize our way around those two, we’re pretty sure nobody would know to grab the door for them, as the fella in the background appears to be doing for C-Bass.

Okay, okay!

As much as we hate to be wrong, we’re TOTALLY RELIEVED in this case. Who wanted Chuck Bass to die, for cryin’ out loud! And who woulda taken care of Monkey?

Facts are scarce in GG-land these days, but knowing Chuck will be around for the foreseeable future is a good one. Plus, those pink socks are reminding us exactly why we love this guy so much. Gah! LOVE LIVE CHUCK!

Source: Glamour UK

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12.15.2011 / 11:38 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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