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Jersey Shore

Incoming! Tallafornia: The Irish Jersey Shore

Proving, once again, that Guido is a way of life, and one can find pockets of juiced-out douche-nozzles in just about every region of the world, Irish television network TV3 has green-lit an Irish version of Jersey Shore, dubbed Tallafornia.

The name comes from the neighborhood of Tallaght, a very special area of West Dublin where all the trash-bots live, and, naturally, the setting of the show. "Tallafornia" refers to the rampant spread of West Dublin culture over the rest of the country — like how the Jersey Shore episode of South Park predicted the Jersification of America!

Anyway, Tallafornia stars four jacked guys, and six boobs three scantily-clad girls with a few too many layers of makeup caked on, and their skanky, clubbing, hot-tubbing, pole-dancing ways. So if you love Jersey Shore, but your cultural proclivities lead you to find brogues more attractive than Jersey accents, pour yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms and keep an eye out for methods of illegally streaming this gem.

We'll give you a single tease: one clip from the preview shows a girl in da club whose tongue is entirely too close to a dude's belt-buckle for American TV...or for America in general without getting arrested for public indecency. Need we say more about those rascally Europeans and their lack of censorship laws? Didn't think so.

Source: Gawker

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12.15.2011 / 02:05 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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