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Gossip Girl

Major Gossip Girl Spoiler: Was Blair Spotted With a Wedding Ring on Her Finger?

Thought we had spoiled our way through all this royal wedding business? Think again! As it turns out, we may have just scratched the surface...

Check out this fan photo snapped on set this week with GG star Leighton Meester (Blair). She’s all dolled up as Blair and... wearing a wedding ring! And we must say, she’s looking rather princess-y, no?

And just yesterday, a photographer caught Leighton sporting the same ring while filming scenes from an upcoming Gossip Girl episode. Uh-oh. That makes for multiple ring sightings!

But WHAT, you say? What about the upcoming dream sequence where she pines for Dan? Or that Dair action that will make us explode?! Or, DARNIT, what about CHUCK BASS?!

Frankly, we dunno what to say.

What we can conclude ― or, you know, we think anyway... ― is that with the 100th episode done filming, that ring on her finger has to be post-wedding. And though it doesn’t have to be a WEDDING ring, necessarily, if you’d just recently left your groom ― a PRINCE, no less ― at the altar, would you really be wearing a rock on your ring finger? Yeah, didn’t think so...

Soooo, then...

All we want for Christmas is... a swift royal annulment??

Source: TV Fanatic

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