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The X Factor

Rachel Crow in Talks With Disney! Could She Be the Next Miley Cyrus?

A few weeks ago, Rachel Crow vowed that she would not consider any of Disney’s many frantic offers on account of her total dedication to The X Factor. Since then things have changed quite a bit — and it looks like the young star has taken another look at the Mouse!

As Hollywood Life reports, Crow has dived into negotiations with Disney as to “how to best market” the recent X Factor exiter. And while some fans are having apoplectic fits over Crow’s ouster, the mega-network is thanking its lucky stars: “Disney is so happy that Rachel was not picked[.] … [T]hey have big plans for her[.]” Indeed, Hollywood Life’s source is throwing around names like “Miley Cyrus” and “Selena Gomez” for comparison (and those aren’t even the biggest names on the table!).

It sure looks like Rachel Crow is on the fast track to donning the mouse ears... and all the big bucks that come with ‘em! If they throw a personal washroom into the contract all her stated dreams will have come true!

Source: Hollywood Life

12.16.2011 / 03:32 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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