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Teen Mom

6 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 2, ”Curveball”

Do you end every episode of Teen Mom 2 shaking your head in shock at the combination of drama and WTF-ery that just unfolded? We feel your pain.

Teen Mom 2 is no doubt one of the best reality shows on television, but sometimes there are moments that make us jaw-drop in amazement.

Check out the 6 biggest WTF bombs from episode 2! Heads up: Most of these involve a mysterious creature known as “The Delp.”

1. It’s Always Spooky in Teen Mom Land!

As we all know, Teen Mom 2 takes place in an alternate space-time continuum, and apparently it’s always Halloween.

Let’s show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Chelsea’s mom, Mary, who rocked a cheerful pair of jack-o-lantern earrings with a matching sweater during this episode. Way to keep it festive, girl! Clearly, Chelsea’s amazing fashion is genetic.

2. Is Kieffer a Fashion Genius?

Ya’ll were probably too distracted by Kieffer’s shame spiral to notice his amazing outfit, but don’t worry: We have the skinny on his fashionable adventures. This week, Kieffer paired a Betty White T-shirt (who knew?) with his signature green hoodie.

Sounds pretty normal right? Wrong. Kieffer also sported what we think were swimming trunks. You never know when you might take a quick dip in a hot tub time machine, right guys?

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3. Kieffer Flashes the Camera

Kieffer suffered a major wardrobe malfunction during his blow-out with Jenelle in the Planet Fun parking lot, and our eyeballs are still burning with the image of his assets on full display. The horror!

Note to Kieffer: Please remain fully clothed for the remainder of this season.

4. Change Jars: 2011’s Best Weapon

Planet Fun is a wonderful place full of arcade games, oily pizza and drunken youths brawling in the parking lot. And you need a jar full of change to enjoy it to the fullest.

We learn something new each week on Teen Mom 2, and this time we found out that jars of change make a great defense weapon when you’re dealing with your drunken boyfriend. Team Jenelle!

5. Is Kieffer Allergic to the Library?

Jenelle made a big mistake when she invited Kieffer to the library. First of all, we’re pretty sure this guy can’t read since he said the only thing he could do at the library was “stare at the wall.”

Second of all, he has more important things on his agenda, like “going to the sweepstakes” and betting all his money.

6. Adam Asks Chelsea Out Over Facebook

Nothing is more romantic than asking the mother of your child out for a date over Facebook. Especially when you have her number, frequently text her, and live in the same town.

But why are we surprised? Adam knows how to treat the ladies, and if Chelsea’s lucky he might drop the L word on Twitter.

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