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Gossip Girl

Dan, Chuck, or Louis: Who Will Blair Waldorf Marry in Gossip Girl Season 5? [POLL]

So … we’ve come to the conclusion that we must be getting very good at being in denial.

Yes, Blair (Leighton Meester) is engaged to Prince Louis (Hugo Becker). Yes, we know that Gossip Girl’s 100th episode will be dedicated almost entirely to their wedding.

And yes, we even saw those photos — multiple photos — that have surfaced of Leighton Meester filming on the GG set and wearing a wedding ring.

But you know what? We still refuse to believe she actually got hitched.


Please. There are so many other perfectly logical explanations for those photos: Maybe she and Louis really did break things off — but still have yet to publicly announce their split. We imagine that royal weddings aren’t too easy to just back out of. Perhaps B is just being forced to keep up appearances until some of the heat wears of.

Or, perhaps Blair really did tie the knot — but not with Prince Louis. We don’t see him anywhere with a ring on his finger!

What if Dan (Penn Badgley) not only succeeded in stopping the royal wedding, but actually convince B to marry him, instead? That definitely would qualify as a Dair-related “spoiler so awesome it may actually kill you!” Do we even dare to hope?

Or maybe, Chuck (Ed Westwick) is the one Blair ditches Louis for on her wedding day! He does seem to be alive and breathing, after all. Right? So it’s totally possible.

So what do you think, GG fans?

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12.17.2011 / 12:49 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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