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Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick Munches on Roses, Uses Foul Language at NYC Party — WTF Story of the Day

Sigh. What we wouldn’t do for a chance to spend the night with Ed Westwick (Chuck).

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No, not like that (well, maybe a little like that), but mainly we’d just really like to hang out with him for an evening. He sounds like a total hoot!

See, when Ed Westwick (Chuck) isn’t busy trying on other people’s hats at bars Brooklyn — apparently, the Gossip Girl star likes to walk around with roses in his mouth.

On December 14, Ed attended an Enchanted Forest of Curiosities party in Williamsburg, Brookyn, thrown by Hendrick’s Gin. Though he only stayed at the party a short time, onlookers told Wetpaint Entertainment that Ed left quite the impression.

Apparently, Ed darted around the forest with his hood up. (Only to ward of creepy creatures, we suspect. It is an enchanted forest, after all.) Ed drank a gin punch, and at one point even grabbed a rose out of a vase and walked around the party with it in his mouth!

Nice move, loverboy.

We’ve also heard reports that Ed told a party staffer to “f**k off” as he was leaving the party. Um, are we sure she heard him right? Maybe he said something else! Those British accents can be pretty hard to understand sometimes... and he did have a rose in his teeth!

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12.17.2011 / 01:59 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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