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Rachel Is the Kim Kardashian of Lima! Glee Season 3, Episode 9 Pop Culture References

Namedrops abound on Glee. More often than not, a famous person's name is used as an insult to take someone down a peg or two — and that's something we totally support! To help you keep it all straight, we've compiled a list of the names and pop culture references deemed important enough to be dropped by Glee characters in Season 3, Episode 9: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas.” Did you catch them all?

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Finn: Holy crap — I’m dating Kim Kardashian.

Sue: Can I be honest with you, Stumbles, Gelfling, and Young Burt Reynolds?

Sue: I made plans to shoot reindeer from a helicopter with Sarah Palin, but she canceled. Apparently, Todd gets fussy when she misses his ballet recitals.

Rory: I'd like to cheer myself up by dedicating this song to them... and to the King.

Tina: We were the island of misfit toys.

Don [to Artie]: You’re like a modern-day Tiny Tim.

Artie: The Wookiee was right. The best Christmas show of all time is The Star Wars Holiday Special, shown only once in 1978, then locked away in the Lucasfilm vault like the precious jewel it is.

Artie: It will be an homage to the second best special of all time, the Judy Garland Christmas show.

Rachel: I'm sorry, Joni Mitchell is not depressing, she's emotional.

Artie: Kurt and Blaine, the perfect hosts have invited their friends to drop in for an evening of Noel Coward-esque banter and fun, happy, cheer-filled songs.

Artie: The evening’s festivities conclude with Rory, dressed as the Christmas elf Itchy, reciting "Frosty the Snowman."

Finn: Bummer about Artie going all Scrooge on your song.

Rachel: All I want is what's coming to me. All I want is my fair share.

Kurt: I apologize, but I must check my bid on the Elizabeth Taylor Christie's jewelry auction online.

Blaine: Did Mariah outbid you on that necklace you wanted?

Kurt: And then I said to Justin Timberlake, “That’s not egg nog.”

Blaine: Say, are you dressed like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?

Rachel: Her name is Barbra, after my hero.

Finn: I hawked my letterman jacket on eBay, so...

Sam: But you have to help me learn to perfect my Sean Connery.

Sam: Uh, a little slow, but the revival house across the street is showing It's a Wonderful Life, so pretty sure we'll clean up when it gets out.

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12.18.2011 / 01:30 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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