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The Kardashians

Top 13 Quotes From Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 4: “You’re a Diva B*tch”

This week’s brand spankin’ new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was all about Scott’s Judaism and Kimmy K’s questionable choices in life partners and best friends – which proved perfect fodder for some high-lar-ious quotes. Check out the 13 most LOL-worthy lines from KKTNY Season 2, Episode 4 below!

13. Wrong On So Many Levels
Kris Humphries: Does somebody wanna drink out of Mason’s baby cup or what?

12. City Folks Are So Stuffy
Scot Disick: I come home and all I wanna do is sleep, but of course Kris is having one of his Lake Minnetonka parties.

11. Scott Disick Proves Once and For All This is Not a Family Show
Scott Disick: I’m not in. I’ll be in my room, door locked, lovin’ life, sippin’ iced tea while you sons of b*tches are out there playing with your c*cks with a bunch of randoms.

10. OK, Scott. We Get It.
Scott: Look, I’m not saying I’m like a walking Torah.
Scott: I never said I was a rabbi, I just said I was Jewish.
Scott: Look I’m trying. I’m not saying I’m an Orthodox Jew.

9.Is It Just Us, or Does That Sound Sort of Degrading?
Kris Humphries (on Jonathan Cheban): He’s an emotional thing.

8. Burn!
Scott Disick: You don’t respect my religion? I don’t respect your outfit. You’re backless. You’re backless and you look like a bumble bee.

5. Kourtney Reverts Back to Eighth Grade
Kourtney: Why don’t you tweet like “users are losers”?

4. The Truth Comes Out!
Khloe: It’s really two hours of hair and makeup. We look like sh*t otherwise.

3. Like, Like, Like
Kourtney: What are your beliefs, like, spiritually?

2. Probably Isn’t Far Off
Kim: What do you think Jonathan wrote?
Kourtney: Just that you’re a diva bitch.

1. The Big Picture
Scott: I’m like the worst Jew ever.

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