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Gossip Girl

Louis, Dan, or Chuck: Who Do You Think Blair Will Marry? The Results Are In!

Honestly, we didn’t think it would happen. Queen B actually going through with her wedding? We were sure she’d ditch Louis at the altar!

Then, late last week, multiple photos emerged from the Gossip Girl set showing Blair (Leighton Meester) with what is clearing A WEDDING RING on her finger.

Fine. Maybe Blair did get hitched … but what if the groom ends up being someone other than Louis? GG does love their crazy plot twists, after all.

We took a poll to see who you GG fans think. Take a look at the results:

- An OVERWHELMING 75% (with over 2,800 votes) said, “Chuck. He’s alive. They’re in love. Obviously, marriage is a totally logical next step”

- A sorta-decent 16% (with over 750 votes) said, “Dan. We know there’s some major Dair drama coming up soon. This must be it!”

- Almost 4% (or about 140 votes) said, “The ring is a decoy! Blair’s not actually married. GG knew about the photographers and gave Leighton a fake ring to fool all the spoiler sites. Joke’s on us.”

- Just under 2% (or 74 votes) said, “No one! She broke it off with Louis, but for some reason, they’re still being forced to keep up appearances. ”

- And a measly 1% (60 votes) said, “Louis. No big mystery here! Blair’s engaged to Louis. They’re going to get married.”

Yikes. So what if Chuck and Blair don’t end up tying the knot by the end of B’s wedding? It looks like Gossip Girl would have to deal with a ton of seriously disappointed Chair fans.

Hate to break it to you, but if you were one of those 2,800 votes for Chair — then you probably don’t want to read this. Or this. Or this.

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12.20.2011 / 03:31 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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