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The X Factor

Source: X Factor Host Steve Jones Won’t Be Asked Back For Season 2

Sorry, Steve Jones. You’re no Ryan Seacrest.

The Daily Mirror reports that The X Factor host and British stallion will not be back for Season 2. His contract was only for the first year, and reportedly will not be renewed.

What went wrong? As Deadline says, “The Welshman never seemed comfortable and has drawn mostly negative reviews for his performance.” Essentially, there is nothing particularly unique or special about him, except perhaps his accent. To put it in obvious terms, he simply doesn’t have “the X factor.”

Of course, as Deadline points out, this leaves the door open for Nicole Scherzinger, current judge and ruiner of little girls’ hopes and dreams, to return next season as the host she was originally signed up to be. Wouldn’t that make everyone happy? Well, except for Steve Jones?

Source: Daily Mirror via Deadline

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