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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison on Why Fans Will Absolutely Love Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s “Homerun” Season

If you were turned off by some of the wild previews for The Bachelor Season 16 — holy naked foul-mouthed skinny-dipping horses and grandmas, Batman! — fear not. Rosemaster Chris Harrison believes Ben Flajnik’s season will win you over.

Credit: Chris Harrison's Twitter    

“Fans will absolutely love this season,” Chris told Parade Magazine. “I've very happy this is our tenth anniversary and I'm glad that we have a homerun to bring to the table. It is very good and it will definitely live up to the Bachelor name. Ben was great. Obviously, it really helps to have a great Bachelor, but the women are dynamic and fantastic and catty and emotional. At the same time, it's this great evolution of a man.”

Yes, it’s his job to sell the show. But it’s also possible this will be a great, dramatic season with a happy ending. They usually are, even if the happy endings are short-lived.

Chris also talked to Parade about his role alongside Bachelor Ben. “It was really like going through this with a friend and feeling their pain and pushing them in the right direction and trying to help them if I feel like they're about to make a huge mistake. Kind of like what I learned with Ashley: I try to help these people save themselves from any grave errors, but at the same time, you have to let them live their life and make some mistakes.”

The mistakes part has us worried, but if Chris is trying to save him, maybe he tells Ben about some behind-the-scenes stuff, a la Bentley Williams with Ashley Hebert?

Read the full interview here.

Source: Parade

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12.21.2011 / 02:56 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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