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America's Next Top Model

ANTM All-Stars’ Lisa D’Amato & Laura Kirkpatrick: How to Get Ready For a Big Night Out – Exclusive

When it comes to getting all dolled up, we think models probably know a thing or two about looking your best. With tons of holiday parties still to come, not to mention all the events surrounding New Year’s Eve, we had to ask two of America’s Next Top Models' modelstants for their tips and secrets on styling, beauty advice, and generally feeling confident with your look.

Speaking exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment, ANTM All-Stars winner Lisa D’Amato and semi-finalist Laura Kirkpatrick dish it all.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How long does it usually take you to get ready for a big night out?

Lisa D’Amato: Usually no longer than an hour. I’m usually waiting on the boys!

Laura Kirkpatrick: I can rush and get myself together in 30 minutes but if I take my time and have fun with it, an hour and a half.

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What makeup do you use before going out?

Lisa: For makeup, I use concealer under the eyes. I love fake eyelashes for those special occasions and black eyeliner with cheek shimmer and lip gloss. I've kinda hung up my eyeliner lately because I am obsessed with CoverGirl's Shadow Blast eyeshadow. The green one makes my green eyes pop like crazy. It seriously is so incredible! It lasts all night. I'm into light peachy pink lip liner's perrrty!

Laura: Concealer, mascara, gloss (keep it simple).

Do you have one must-have makeup item that you always put on before a party?

Lisa: Before I walk into the door of a party, I usually refresh my lip gloss.

Laura: Lip gloss for sure — either clear or deep sexy red!

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What do you carry with you in your bag when you’re going out at night?

Lisa: My "going out party purse" usually has my debit card, my phone, my pressed powder compact (You know I dance hard on the dance floor and sweat a bit), and my lip gloss. Also, a little cash for emergencies. :)

Laura: ID, cash, gloss, band aids, baby wipes — you just never know!

What’s your favorite party hairstyle?

Lisa: I love to whip my hair around so probably down. Straight. It's more fun that way.

Laura: Simple waves.

If it’s a huge night out (like New Year’s Eve), do you do anything different/cool with your hair and makeup?

Lisa: Absolutely! New Year’s means fake eyelashes, sparkly shadow, liquid eyeliner, etc. The eyes need to be uber-amazing! Every New Year’s I wear sequined dresses. This year, I think I'll be wearing a pantsuit with top hat and cane. Mix it up a bit.

Laura: No shine, maybe some glitter [makeup] to really pump it up, definitely keep my simple wave but just do them a lil’ bigger!

What are some tips you could share on getting ready for a big night out?

Lisa: The best way to get ready for a fun night out is call all your girls to come over and get ready together while you blast your favorite music and take little dance breaks in between. When it’s time to walk out the door, you have already had so much fun.

Laura: Just have fun with it and feel good — then you will look good!

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