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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cedric Martinez Dishes on His Return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and How Lisa Vanderpump Betrayed Him — Exclusive

Guess what time it is in the world of the Real Housewives? Time to catch up with Cedric Martinez, Lisa Vanderpump’s former permanent houseguest! Cedric, who famously had a falling out with Lisa at the end of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1, is currently working on a tell-all book, but he took time out from his writing to chat with Wetpaint Entertainment about the current season of RHoBH — in particular, the SUR opening party episode he’ll be appearing in. Ooohh, the drama! Here’s what he says went down during filming.

According to Cedric, he was welcomed with the permission of Lisa and her husband, Ken, to the grand opening party for their new lounge, SUR. Cedric says he ran into Ken a few weeks before the filming of the finale, and they had a nice talk. He had not seen Lisa for almost a year, however, so he hoped that his presence at SUR would be an opportunity for olive branches to be extended. But when cameras rolled as he arrived at the party, Cedric says, Lisa was emphatically not happy to see him, and claimed he had not been invited. He maintains that Lisa knew full well that he had received an invite to the party.

“I felt so disappointed and sad,” Cedric says of the confrontation. “I really thought this was going to be our moment to clear the air and take a baby step in the right direction.“

Earlier in Season 2, Cedric’s name popped up when new cast member Brandi Glanville was introduced as a friend of his from their “old modeling days,” which particularly ruffled Lisa’s feathers. Since then, reports have surfaced that Brandi’s friendship with Cedric was manufactured to get her a spot on the show. Cedric says those reports are true.

“I met Brandi for the first time in January,” Cedric says. “Brandi made sure we got ‘caught’ by the press on our way out of the restaurant.” Their friendship has not blossomed since then. In fact, says Cedric, “She used me. She got what she wanted and then tossed me aside like yesterday’s news.”

When asked which Housewife is the most “real,” Cedric had glowing words for Camille Grammer: “After the mess she got herself into during Season 1, she clearly came out on top. She has nothing to prove to anyone, and it shows.”

And of course, Cedric names Lisa as the Housewife that most “fools” the public, but their feud hasn’t changed how he feels deep down about his former friends and hosts.

“No matter what they’ve done to me,” he says, “there is still a place in my heart that will always love Ken and Lisa very much.”

We called Lisa for comment, but have not heard back from her manager. Bravo declined to comment.