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Do Bones Fans Want Zack Addy as the Baby’s Nanny? The Results Are In!

Now that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) has officially given birth to her first daughter — we’ve even seen the infant with our own two eyes! (sorta) — it stands to reason that the child is going to need a nanny pretty soon.

Bones creator Hart Hanson has already teased just who the nanny might be. “I won’t tell you who, but I’ll tell you someone you know from the world of Bones ends up being the caretaker of the baby,” he’s said.

We took a poll among Bones fans just like you, to see who you think the lucky caretaker might be. Take a look at the results.

- An overwhelming majority of 80% voted, “Zack Addy. This is a great chance to Bring Back Zack! (Except for Zack turned out to be a flesh-eating serial killer ... so maybe not.)”

- Barely 12% said, “Daisy. She's perky and friendly. We're sure kids would love her.”

- Only 3% said, “Sweets. The kid-like shrink, trying to babysit a real kid? Just imagine the hilarity that would ensue!”

- Just over 2% said, “Clark. The baby needs a manny. Clark would be awesome.”

- Also with only 2% of votes was, “Angela's dad, Billy Gibbons. We need more of him on this show! ”

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Look, we know everybody wants to bring Zack back — and we’re all clamoring for any chance to get our favorite Squintern back on the show, so this seemed like a chance, and you took it. Still, the guy is in a mental hospital right now! Bringing him back to provide childcare does not seem like the smartest move.

So what’s our conclusion? Basically, we’ve decided that you all didn’t like ANY of our nanny suggestions. The poll article got a total of 11 BOO!s (um... ouch), and fans were quick to post other suggestions in the comments.

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The majority of you think that Bones is bringing back Brennan’s father, Max, to take care of the baby. A couple fans mentioned Cam’s daughter, Michelle, as a suitable candidate, as well.

Okay, fine! So Zack is out and Max Keenan is in. We’d like to point out that Max is still a former criminal …but at least he didn’t kill humans and boil their flesh. That’s definitely an improvement.

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12.22.2011 / 02:36 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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