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Gossip Girl Spoilers: That Epic Dair Revelation is Coming — But What Could It Be?

We’re just as eager as you are to find out what that Dair spoiler is that TVLine’s got under their hat for the New Year… but we’re just gonna have to wait!

The spoiler that will make our “Dair-lovin’ hearts explode” is still a couple of weeks away, Michael Ausiello confirmed. BUT, he teases, “Good things come to those who wait… (Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.).”


Our wheels are turning on what this spoiler could be, but the possibilities seem endless! We’ve been given Dair scoop before that hardly ever turns into anything BIG and MEANINGFUL, but our inclination is that this might be the one… The one we’ve all been waiting for.

You think?

Stakes are high in Blair-dom these days, so whatever is going to play out will have BIG consequences!

Here’s what we’ve got to go on when it comes to the future of Dair…

Chuck’s down for the count

With the time jump coming post-wedding, Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) not gonna be rehabilitated in time to stop it from his hospital bed. So unless Master Bass’s injuries have been wildly exaggerated, it’d have to be Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) who intervenes to save/stop the day (he also has that, you know, penchant for the dramatic…).

Blair’s wearing that wedding ring

Though there’s a possibility that Louis is going to somehow blackmail B into marrying him, we’re wondering if the thing-that-nobody-sees-comin’ ― because, you know, not everything about this wedding can be covered by spoilers, right?? ― will be that the rock is from another suitor. Blair Waldorf-Humphrey, anyone?

There was that business at JFK

Need we remind you that Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester were filming at the airport earlier this month... and Leighton was IN B’S WEDDING DRESS?! (Sorry, drama makes us caps-y!)

There’s that dream sequence

Remember when B-as-Audrey-Hepburn pulls Dan-as-backup-dancer away from S-as-Marilyn-Monroe in the dream sequence video??? Yeah, we think that is Blair’s brain acting out its DESIRES (in typical old-movie fashion, naturally!).

We’re supposed to explode with happiness, darnit!

Granted, a spoiler typically shouldn’t come with THIS big of an outcome, but it could vaguely, like, sort of, hint at Dan intervening, no? What else could make Dair ‘shippers explode like their UNION? Hmm...

YOU TELL US: Could it be that it’ll be Dan who plays a role in the undoing of the royal wedding? Or will this spoiler leave us ― yet again ― wanting more?

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