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American Idol

American Idol Season 11 Spoilers: Which Contestants Have Auditioned Before?

Every year during American Idol, we notice a few faces in the audition room that look familiar. If you were paying attention during Season 10, you’ll probably recognize a handful of contestants who’ve gone before the judges before. But will that experience be enough to earn a Golden Ticket?

Hollie Cavanagh
When 17-year-old Hollie Cavanagh auditioned in Season 10 of American Idol, she made it to Hollywood Week by the judge’s good graces: They let the British girl — who now lives in McKinley, Texas — sing again after their critique of her performance of Etta James’ “At Last” brought her to tears. She rebounded with Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” and earned a Golden Ticket. Does she have what it takes to make it past Hollywood Week this time around?

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DeAndre Brackensick
Season 10 hopeful DeAndre Brackensick was hard to miss with his long curls and soulful voice, but he was perhaps best known for being in a group of 15 and 16 year olds with, shall we say, enthusiastic, mothers. But his mom couldn’t help him get passed Hollywood. Will another year make the difference in Season 11?

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

Scott Dangerfield
Though he wowed Jennifer Lopez with his Season 10 audition (she called him her favorite of the Milwaukee hopefuls she’d seen thus far) Scott Dangerfield fell off the radar during Hollywood Week. That’s because he’d dropped out of the competition before then, choosing to focus on finishing his education. The student teacher is back for Season 11, but will he be J.Lo’s pet again?

Frances Coontz
For us, Frances Coontz will forever be labeled as a member of the group who banished Jacee Badeaux in Season 10’s Hollywood Week (a distinction she shares with Scotty McCreery). Maybe she’ll get more of a chance to showcase her singing chops in Season 11?

Brandy Neelly
Heavily featured in Season 11 promos, Brandy Neelly may not look familiar, but she auditioned and made it to Hollywood Week last year as well.

Travis Orlando
We were pretty devastated when Travis Orlando didn’t make it past Hollywood Week in Season 10. Not only was he crazy talented, we got pretty teary when he talked about living in shelters when his family was homeless. Here’s hoping he makes it farther in Season 11.

Jessica Furney
After being eliminated during Hollywood Week in Season 8, Jessica Furney is back for Season 11. She actually auditioned in Season 9 as well and several times before that. Will having Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler on the judges’ panel make all the difference for Jessica?

Chelsea Sorrell
After winning a Dream Ticket at Disney World for Season 10, Chelsea Sorrell made it to Hollywood but was cut. Time will tell if her luck has changed in Season 11 or if she’ll soon be back performing with her band, the Chris Lane Band.

Kristi Krause
Kristi Krause is another Season 10 hopeful cut during Hollywood Week. Second time’s the charm?

Phil Brooks
Phil Brooks was pretty confident that he’d be the next American Idol in Season 10, but he didn’t go beyond Hollywood. Will that help or hurt his chances in Season 11?

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