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Bones Christmas Guide: 5 Must-Have Gifts for the Agent Booth in Your Life

Now let’s face it: we all have a Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) in our lives, right? A nice, honorable guy … with his own sort of quirky style sense.

So as the holiday season kicks into high gear, let’s ask ourselves: what does a gal get the Seeley Booth in her life? Let’s see what we can find.

1. A “Cocky” belt buckle.

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We’ll get the most important thing down first. Why, no Christmas for Booth could possibly be complete without his signature ”Cocky” belt buckle! ($29 on

Granted, Booth himself may have had a bit of trouble remembering to wear such finery post-brain surgery, but with this self-assertive bauble holding his pants up, your own guy will never forget who runs the place!

In the same vein (or is that “vain?”), of course, your Booth will need some ridiculous socks to take away from the stiff formality of wearing a suit every day. We found two possible candidates on Amazon: a pair of silly moustache socks for $8.20 and some knee-high “bad ass” socks for $12.80.

Still, we’d encourage you to go wild with your search terms — “funny” is always a good qualifier, but “ridiculous” and “nonsensical” work, too! (Careful with Amazon, though, as there are definitely some NSFW choices available there!)

Now, Booth makes no bones about his faith, so there should definitely be some Catholic representation in this gifts list. Our personal favorite? An olivewood rosary, straight from the Holy Land! Now, when Booth’s life gets put in danger during the occasional gunfight or sniper battle, you know he’ll be praying in style.

4. Bobby Clarke Hockey Memorabilia

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And almost as important to Booth as his faith is his fierce love of sports. Remember “Fire in the Ice” (Season 4, Episode 13), when Booth imagined himself as Bobby Clarke incarnate? So there’s nothing better than some Bobby Clarke memorabilia to bring out the sportsfan in your Christmas Booth. Number 16, baby!

Now, this last one needs some explanation. Yes, we already recommended a rosary for the intensely Catholic Booth in your life. But this Peruvian Chacana cross will serve a purpose that the olivewood rosary can’t quite manage — it’ll get fewer dismissive looks from your Booth’s respective Brennan (Emily Deschanel)! See, there’s some big-time anthropological red meat in this little knick-knack, and that is sure to get some respect from any of the religiously disinclined babes in your Booth’s life.

So there you go: one complete wish list for your own personal Seeley Booth! Got any recommendations of your own? Let us know!

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12.23.2011 / 03:01 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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