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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 2: Where Did We Last Leave Off?

With only 11 days left until Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 14: “Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares” premieres, we could use a refresher on where we left off. Which loose ends still need tying up? What were the major cliffhangers set in place in both Season 2, Episode 12: “Over My Dead Body” and Season 2, Episode 13: “The First Secret”? Let’s check in with each Little Liar to find out.

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale):
After Spencer (Troian Bellisario) confronted Ezra (Ian Harding) in his car, telling him how scared she was that Aria was spending so much time with Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker), Ezra really proved himself by playing interference and rescuing her from Jason’s grips and kissing her right in front of him. But in Episode 12, Ezra shows up at the Rosewood police station after the girls are arrested, and runs into Mrs. Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs), who still suspects him of having a relationship with Spencer. After she basically accuses him of it, he says, “Spencer...?” and the two looked extremely confused.
Aria and “A”: More pressing, however, is “A”’s doll message to Aria. She’s instructed to blackmail Ezra’s flirty ex-fiancee Jackie with “A”’s provided proof that Jackie plagiarized her thesis. Aria tries this, by telling Jackie she won’t out her if Jackie will just leave Rosewood for good. Unfortunately Jackie threatens Aria back, by telling her that if Aria outs her, she’ll tell Aria’s parents.
Questions: Will Ezria come out to the Montgomerys? (Well, spoiler! We already know that they will come out to the ‘rents.) If “A” wanted Aria to play dirty in order to banish Jackie from Rosewood, will “A” be angry that Aria didn’t pull it off?

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Spencer Hastings:
After seeing her dad talk heatedly with Mrs. DiLaurentis, Spencer starts to wonder what exactly their relationship is. She tries confronting him over and over, but he sidesteps her questions every time. Then things get downright weird when Mr. Hastings confronts Jason DiLaurentis at the police station. Plus, Spencer discovers her dad outside of the DiLaurentis house.
Spencer and “A”: “A” had Spencer’s doll tell her to “keep Toby [Keegan Allen] safe” by breaking up with him. Spencer did a fantastic job accomplishing her mission, but it wreaked havoc on both her and Toby’s emotions. Wren (Julian Morris) shows up moments after the break-up and, somehow, they wind up kissing.
Questions: Was getting Wren and Spencer together all part of “A”’s plan? If so, wouldn’t that mean that Wren is somehow connected to “A”? What exactly is Mr. Hastings’ relationship to the DiLaurentis family, Jason in particular? We know Jason is related to one of the little liars, so will he be related to Jason through her father? Will Spoby ever come together again? Also, where exactly did Spencer’s sister Melissa(Torrey DeVitto) go, and will we ever see her baby?

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell):
Wow, well, of the four of them, Emily had the most shocking midseason finale. Her on-and-off girlfriend Maya (Bianca Lawson) makes a surprise visit to Rosewood and they had a seemingly romantic dinner until Maya claimed she wants to take things slow and start off by being friends. Emily’s parents are away due to her father’s military job, and we last saw her sharing Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) bedroom.
Emily and “A”: Emily was the only Little Liar who didn’t get a creepy doll from “A.” At first. Instead, “A” left Emily’s doll in her car, instructing her via GPS to the infamous barn where Emily would have died after being locked inside with running car. On the brink of death, Alison DiLaurentis (or her apparition, or something else...) drags Emily out of the barn, tells her she’s always been her favorite, and that she knows who “A” is. Emily tries convincing the girls that Alison was real, not a hallucination, but no one seems to believe her.
Questions: Who was that? It definitely was not Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), because her body has been found (except of course for that missing page of the autopsy report, which Jenna [Tammin Sursok] and Officer Garrett held on to. And somehow, we don’t think Emily was hallucinating. Does that mean Ali had a (gulp) twin?

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Hanna Marin:
Hanna is in the middle of a nasty pseudo-sibling rivalry between her and stepsister-to-be Kate. We’re still in the dark on whether or not Mr. Marin will actually go through with his planned marriage to Kate’s mom, especially after Hanna told Kate’s mom that Mr. Marin was cheating on her with Hanna’s mom. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), meanwhile is gone for the time being, to figure out what he’s doing with his life ostensibly, but we think he’ll be back soon enough.
Hanna and “A”: Hanna’s doll from “A” told her that she must stop her father’s wedding. Which Hanna does, with tons of trauma and grief scattered along the way. Hanna, like Spencer, completed her directive from “A” successfully, without a hitch. Aria didn’t, which may mean she’ll soon be punished. As for Emily, “A” seemed intent on killing her, and failed.
Questions: Will Hanna’s father ever speak to her again? When will Caleb be back? Will boy-crazy Hanna get distracted by anyone else? Will all the stress cause Hanna to revert to her food problems again?

That’s where we stand. We’re most curious to see what “A”’s repercussions for the girls are, depending on how well they carried out what “A” wanted them to do. And even more curious: Why did “A” want these things from each girl?

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