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Castle Season 4 Spoiler Round-Up: 3 New Juicy Details We Learned This Week

The new year is rapidly approaching, which means Castle Season 4, Episode 11: "Till Death Do Us Part" is right around the corner!

Get caught up with all of this season's latest in our weekly spoiler round-up.

1. Kate Beckett Is "Dressed to Kill" in Season 4, Episode 14: "The Blue Butterfly"

According to Castle guest star Mark Pellegrino, the entire cast underwent crazy makeovers for the 1940s film-noir flashback episode, but it was Stana Katic who really stole the show.

Stana looked fantastic,” he teases. “I mean, she was dressed to kill.”

Dressed to kill, huh? Does that mean Stana will finally get to play a bad girl?!

2. Kate Beckett and Richard Castle's Chemistry in the Flashback "Mimics" What They Have in the Present

In the 1940s flashback, Castle portrays a Sam Spade-type PI and Beckett plays a gangster's gal — more specifically, shady nightclub owner Tom Dempsey's gal, played by Mark Pellegrino.

According to Mark, his beautiful arm candy catches the sleuth's eye, and their chemistry is out of this world. But is it really?

We've definitely seen this kind of chemistry before between Castle and Beckett back at the 12th precinct. In fact, Mark teases that the couple's connection in the flashback will "mimic" exactly what they have in the present day.

Hold on to your fedoras, Caskett 'shippers!

3. Castle Might Not Be Able to Continue His Partnership With Beckett … WTF?!

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe recently dished that Castle's partnership with Beckett could be in serious trouble in Season 4, Episode 12: "Dial M for Mayor."

Beckett finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when the mayor, played by Damages' Derek Webster, is suspected of murder.

"The stakes are enormous," creator Andrew W. Marlowe told TV Guide. "If something happens to the mayor, Castle is not going to be able to continue his partnership with Beckett. How do you deal with an investigation when you're compromised because of the way you feel?"

Now, that is a really good question.

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