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Glee Spoiler Roundup 2012: What Can We Expect From Season 3 in the New Year?

Now that your frigid hearts have been warmed by the gooey goodness of Glee's Christmas episode, we're sure you can't help but wonder what's in store for the New Directions in 2012. (Oh, you didn’t know there’d be no new Glee until January? Well this is awkward.)

We've taken the liberty of compiling everything we know about the first few episodes of the new year for you guys. So, crank up "Auld Lang Syne" (the Sex and the City movie version, duh), and without further ado: SPOI-LER ROUND-UP CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP.

In the first episode back from holiday break, the dramz kicks off right away with the return of Grant Gustin’s Sebastian trying to (once again) snatch Blaine away from his doe-eyed counterpart. But Kurt doesn't go down without a fight, so you can expect things to get messy. Gay and messy.

Meanwhile, also in the love triangle department, Chord Overstreet’s Sam finally meets Mercedes' boyfriend (albeit M.I.A. boyf) Shane and continues to duke it out for her affections. Unfortunately, despite Sam joining the swim team to try and win her over with his (impressive) abs, Shane still has a firm grasp, so Sam doesn't necessarily have it in the bag.

Oh yeah, and the episode is called "The Proposal" and it's said to be a big one for Will and Emma. Don’t believe us? Take Matthew Morrison’s word for it. So there's that.

Damian McGinty

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We strapped on our gillies and danced a jig when The Glee Project winner Damian McGinty finally began his seven-episode stint as Irish foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan earlier this season. And, we have reason to break out the Jameson early this holiday season, because we learned his guest arc will extend past his original seven-episode contract! What do you guys think? Does he have the potential to sign on as a series regular?

Plus, Damian dished, there's a hint Rory might have a girlfriend in time for Valentine's Day. Yeah, we know, we died. But you guys HAVE to get off that whole him-and-Harmony (Lindsay Pearce) winding up together as a couple train. Her two episodes are up. We're pretty sure she's done for the season. (Although, that mention of her being "just a sophomore" in the Sectionals episode was a bit heavy-handed in terms of foreshadowing.)

Ahem, prepare to send a letter to Ryan Murphy about what a big liar liar pants on fire he was for saying no more big guest stars this season. But then, end it with a big “Thank you.” ONE - Gloria Estefan as Santana’s mom. TWO - Pitbull as Puck’s brother! THREE - Ricky Martin salsas into town as the new Spanish teacher. And, there's that tease that more jaw-dropping guest stars are on their way from a reliable source — if you consider Lea Michele is a reliable source. And, we SO do. Nice try, Ryan.

Glee is currently casting for the roles of Rachel's two gay dads! No word yet on who has snagged the meaty roles but we're glad to finally meet them this season. So excited that we just had to throw out some ideas for some possible winners.


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Grease and Glee? Match made in musical heaven, right? Especially when you have THESE TWO playing the leads. Major chemistry alert!

Phew! Hopefully that will tide you guys over through your upcoming overdose of family time. But if we know you — and we like to think we do — you’ll be jonesin’ for more Glee goodness soon. Don’t worry, we won’t you let down.

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