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The Bachelor

The Bachelor Season 16 Spoilers! Which Contestant Is More Attracted to a Fellow Bachelorette Than Ben?

Yesterday, ABC dispatched a long, detailed press release on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, and today spoiler king Reality Steve is filling in some of the blanks to add names to the network-sanctioned teases.

Here’s more from Steve’s latest blog:

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An attractive young law student informs Ben that he’s been found guilty – of being sexy!…”
Steve: Erika Uhlig.

“A germ-conscious epidemiologist sanitizes both herself and Ben, and then promptly steals the season’s first kiss….”
Steve: Emily O’Brien.

“A sweet divorcee…”
Steve: Nicki Sterling.

“…While the sexy equestrian proves she is equally as charming without the horse….”
Steve: Lindsey Cox.

“One athletic woman corners Ben for a quick soccer game…”
Steve: Shawn Reynolds.

“A sassy personal trainer demands he do pushups…”
Steve: Elyse Myers.

“…a gorgeous model seduces him…”
Steve: Courtney Robertson.

“After Ben awards one vivacious beauty the “first impression” rose…”
Steve: “I’m pretty sure Lindzi Cox got it.”

“Another outgoing bachelorette seems like she might be more interested in one of the other women than in Ben…”
Steve: “Monica Spannbauer. Yes, I had heard a while back that one of the girls was trying/succeeded in kissing/making out with one of the other girls during the first night. I just figured this was going to be something that was never aired and kept under wraps, but, apparently not. So, if this is known, and Ben knew about this, why wasn’t she sent home immediately? Oh that’s right, because it’s manufactured drama and what good would it have done to get rid of her so early when she’s in to other chicks? How could I be so stupid? Yeah, this show is definitely about finding the best, most perfect 25 women to potentially be Ben Flajnik’s future ex-girlfriend/fiancé. Sure it is.”

OK, but which girl is she trying to make out with and how does that girl react? That should be interesting to see… although most Bachelor fans are women — some of them conservative women — so this could either be the kind of shocking thing that gets ratings or just pushes people away.

Source: Reality Steve

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12.25.2011 / 07:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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