5 Reasons Castle Fans Are Better Than All Other TV Fans
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5 Reasons Castle Fans Are Better Than All Other TV Fans

Clearly, Wetpaint Entertainment appreciates the awesomeness of Castle fans, but what is it that makes these crime procedural devotees so amazing? We’ve rounded up 5 reasons Castle fans are the best fandom in the land. Fans of other shows, take note!

5. They Have Their Own Language

We use terms like “Caskett” and “Stanathan” pretty regularly around here, but we didn’t come up with them ourselves. All the adorkable ‘shipper pet names and Castle-centric vocab like hairporn (including a few even we haven’t figured out yet) all came straight from the creative Castle fanbase.

4. They’re Like Family

Castle fans are hands down the most accepting, loving (and lovable) group of TV junkies out there. They treat each other like family (and sometimes better than some families, know what we mean?). No newbie hazing here!

3. They Know The Show Backwards and Forwards

We wouldn’t doubt that many a Castle aficionado can recite episode quotes and storylines in their sleep. That’s how good — and obsessed — they are. Impressive stuff, man.

2. They’re Loyal to the Max

When the rest of the world turns their back on Castle, it only makes Castle fans stronger. Sure, they might feel a little salty that the crime dramedy gets the shrug off from every award from the Emmys to the the SAGs (OK, and countless others over the seasons), but do they let it get them down? Heck no! There’s always next year, right? That positive attitude is the awesomesauce fans are made of.

1. They’re Got Creativity Through the Roof

From animated GIFs to gorgeous fan art to fan fiction so good it could probably stand up against Richard Castle’s stack of New York Times best sellers, Castle fans are one talented bunch — and they ain't afraid to show it.

Tumblr and YouTube are chock-full of fun Castle-fan made creations. Stuff like this. And videos like this. Not to mention C fans are ridiculously clever when coming up with Castle-related usernames and the like (case-in-point: Twitter handle @SafeWordApples, taken from the pilot when Castle told Beckett “apples” was his safe word. Genius!).

We don’t see that kinda savviness coming from say, Real Housewives’ fans, now do we? (Too harsh?)

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12.26.2011 / 11:30 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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