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So You Think You Can Dance

Sonya Tayeh’s Top 5 Best So You Think You Can Dance Routines of All Time!

So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Sonya Tayeh is quirky, passionate, and sometimes a little scary. When she puts her dance making skills to use, it’s impossible not to watch. Every routine she creates leaves us craving more dance!

Here are our picks for her top five best routines of all time.

5. “These Arms of Mine”

We love this routine because it showed a different side of Sonya. Set to Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine,” the routine featured Season 4 finalists Chelsie Hightower and Gev Manoukian, and is possibly the only routine of Sonya’s without black costuming.

Neither Chelsie nor Gev were contemporary/jazz dancers, but Sonya choreographed movement that suited them well, highlighted their strengths, and created a powerful story.

It’s a work of art!

4. “Pop, Drop, and Roll”

Sonya choreographed this fun, high-energy group routine to Chonique Sneed and Lisette Bustamante’s “Pop, Drop, and Roll” for the Top 10 “beastly” girls on Season 8. It’s colorful, idiosyncratic, and chock-full of impressive moves.

This routine makes us want to get off our couches and dance!

3. “Game On”

The ‘game’ was certainly on for Melanie Moore and Sasha Mallory and they competed head-to-head for the votes of America in this Season 8 routine. Sonya created a dance that demonstrated both the technical virtuosity and performance presence for both of these stealthy female dancers.

It was a tremendous routine and performance. Amazing!

2. “Tore My Heart”

Sonya created this awesome routine to OONA and Dave Tweedie’s “Tore My Heart” on Season 6 finalists Ellenore Scott and Jakob Karr. We’re hooked from Ellenore’s first developpe, unable to take our eyes away from the unfolding story of heartbreak.

It’s so fabulously dark and angsty!

1. “The Garden”

Possibly one of the most memorable SYTYCD routines ever, Sonya’s contemporary number to Mirah’s “The Garden” featured Season 4 finalists Mark Kanemura and Courtney Galliano. The routine is packed with unique, memorable moves such as when Courtney struts over Mark while biting her fingers, and once again, shows off intense, emotional human interaction.

It blew away the judges and America. Way to deliver the dancin’ goods!

We can’t wait to see what Sonya dreams up in the new season of SYTYCD!

12.26.2011 / 08:30 PM EDT by Stephanie Wolf
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