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Grey's Anatomy

Who Should Tell Teddy About Henry’s Death on Grey’s Anatomy? (POLL)

Poor Teddy Altman (Kim Raver).

When we last left her on Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 9: “Dark Was the Night,” she was operating on a patient and happily chatting with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) about her husband Henry’s (Scott Foley) desire to go to med school. Little did she know that her husband had died on the operating table and that Owen was lying to her about her husband’s progress during the surgery to make sure that she completed the complicated medical procedure she was performing.

Now, with the new promo for the January 5 episode, titled “Suddenly,” hitting the internet, we get to see that no one has told Teddy about her husband’s death. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is understandably distraught, Owen is getting yelled at by everyone at Seattle Grace-Mercy West, and Teddy is still oblivious. The most confusing part is finding out who is going to tell Teddy that her husband is dead, and that everyone in the hospital lied to her about it.

So, who do you think should tell Teddy? Vote in the poll below.

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