Why Paige McCullers May Be ”A” on Pretty Little Liars
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney    
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Pretty Little Liars

Why Paige McCullers May Be ”A” on Pretty Little Liars

When Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw) first appeared back in Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, we just assumed she was a (very) competitive redhead with the hots for Emily (Shay Mitchell) — and that she just might have some latent rage issues. But with Paige returning to the show in Season 2 right as “A” will be revealed, we’re starting to think back on her previous behavior and are getting awfully suspicious. Given what we already know about her, here are five reasons why Paige could turn out to be “A.”

1. Emily and Paige’s love could take your breath away. (Literally.)
When most people get frustrated, they might count to ten or squeeze a stress ball. But when Paige gets frustrated, she apparently tries to drown someone, as she did when Emily took her position on the swim team. (We suppose that’s one way to eliminate the competition.) This is when we first realize that Paige might be capable of “A”-style violence. And a note to any swimmer who ever competes against Paige: You should probably let her win.

2. “A” seems to be picking on poor Emily even more than the others.
In Season 2, “A” has a special connection to Emily, as Emily has received the most “A” messages and has been referred to as “the weakest link” by “A.” This all suggests that “A” could have feelings for Emily and is perhaps a former love interest of hers, especially given the massage that “A” gave Em in Season 2, Episode 10: “Touched By an ‘A’-ngel.” Then again, a super-creepy massage is still (slightly) better than no massage at all, right?

3. “A” deals a lousy hand to Samara and Emily.
Paige can’t have been thrilled that she was basically the reason why Emily and Samara met for the first time. So when “A” interfered with Emily and Samara’s relationship by forcing Em to give her phone number to Samara’s friend at their poker game, we couldn’t help but think that’s just what Paige would have wanted to happen. (Then again, we probably would have been more surprised if one of Emily’s relationships had actually remained intact!)

Why Paige McCullers May Be ”A” on Pretty Little Liars
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    

4. Paige has been surprisingly tight with a couple of moody Rosewood guys.
It’s true that Paige doesn’t seem to the other girls as well as she knows Emily. However, Paige did get to know Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) ex Sean in Season 1 (while he was briefly her “beard”), and Sean is friends with plenty of devious characters, like Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty). So it’s possible that Paige learned the other girls’ secrets from either of those guys. And who knows — maybe Paige has spent the first half of Season 2 hiding in the same part of campus that Sean has (considering they’ve both been M.I.A. for quite some time!).

5. Paige is an amazing athlete, just as “A” would have to be.
“A” is not only pure evil but is also in pretty darn good shape, what with constantly fleeing the scene. (Apparently, stalking is a great form of cardio.) Plus, we know Paige is quite the athlete, and it might make sense for Paige to want to add steroids to Emily’s muscle cream — as “A” did earlier this season — if Paige is still angry at Em about the breakup or for taking her spot on the team. And sure, slipping steroids in someone’s medicine is an extreme revenge tactic for a break-up, but you never know.

6. Paige is “A”’s favorite
In a text with a member of the press as part of ABC Family’s promotional push for the return of Season 2, “A” revealed that they are rooting for Paige to get with Emily. “I always liked Paige better,” “A” said when asked if they had any plans for Emily and Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson). Could anything be more suspicious than that?

Do you think Paige is "A"? Vote in our poll below. And if you think someone else in Rosewood could be "A," stay tuned as we dissect why other characters could be our mysterious troublemaker.

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