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America's Next Top Model

Mean Pranks, Leaked Vogue Photos, and a Sudden Disqualification: Top 10 Biggest ANTM Stories in 2011

To put it simply, Angelea Preston changed America’s Next Top Model forever. Any suspicions that Tyra Banks has some control issues and keeps secrets from the viewers were confirmed in Cycle 17: All-Stars, and the runner-up stole the spotlight. What drama! But believe it or not, another model, Ann Ward, took even more top spots in our Top 10 Biggest ANTM Stories of 2011.

10. ANTM's Angelea to Break Her Silence Over Disqualification In Tell-All Press Conference
This story must have caught more heat after it turned out to be a hoax set up by some strange talent agents.

9. Winner Predictions: America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Top 3
Following Ann Ward’s win in Cycle 15, the strange finalists of Cycle 16 — Molly the athlete, Brittani with the freaky eyes, and All-Stars modelstant Alexandria — had all eyes (no matter how freaky) on them.

8. Allison Spills Details on Angelea's Disqualification, Re-Shooting Finale -- Exclusive!
Allison did her very best to keep any and all info regarding Angelea’s quick exit to herself, but we pried just enough out of her to make one thing pretty clear: Angelea was the intended winner.

7. Exclusive! Whitney Thompson says ANTM Cycle 16 Premiere Prank Not Cool
Whitney was a Wetpaint Entertainment contributor this year, and gave us the lowdown on one of Tyra’s crueler moments.

6. Gallery: ANTM's Ann Ward in Vogue Test Shots and Preview Pics
Ann may have been the closest thing to a genuine runway model in ANTM history, so photos of her were highly anticipated.

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5. Gallery: What Are the America's Next Top Model Winners Doing Now?
As it turns out...not too much.

4. Spoiler: Did Tyra Accidentally Reveal Cycle 17 Winner?
Funny how right this commenter was... is that why Angelea got eliminated?

3. ANTM All-Star Cast Revealed For Cycle 17
Which modelstants were brave enough to come before Tyra one more brutal time?

2. Vogue Italia Leaks Ann Ward's Cover Photo
Definitely our favorite ANTM winner.

1. Why Was Angelea Disqualified From America's Next Top Model: All-Stars?
No surprise here — the biggest question (still unanswered!) in ANTM history.

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