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Should Castle’s Captain Montgomery Have Made Entertainment Weekly’s List of Best TV Character Deaths of 2011?

The good people at Entertainment Weekly just released their list of Best TV Character Deaths of 2011, but many Castle fans are up in arms about one major oversight: dear old Captain Montgomery didn’t make the cut.

Monty’s jarring death in the Castle Season 3 finale had us shaken up for months, so we’ll admit we’re a teensy bit disappointed the Cap’n took a bullet but didn’t make EW’s list. Was it really all in vain?

That’s not to say we disagree with the site’s other picks — American Horror Story’s Vivien Harmon’s penultimate death-by-childbirth at number three and “The Breaking Bad Murder-Suicide Death Orgy of Vengeance” at the top spot are totes aprops, for example — but we can see where Monty’s shocking link to Johanna Beckett’s murder and following heroic death would fit right in.

However, in EW’s defense, there were only 10 spots to fill and with heaps of peeps biting the dust every week all over various shows, we see where it would be tough to narrow them down. We mean, there wasn’t even one Vampire Diaries death on the list, and they kill off, like, three people an episode!

What do you think, Castle fans? Do you think Captain Montgomery was shafted from Entertainment Weekly’s list or are the other dearly departed just as deserving?

Source: EW

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12.28.2011 / 01:22 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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