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Modern Family

Top 10 Funniest Modern Family Quotes (So Far) in Season 3

Modern Family: The show that brought you “sleep-clowning,” “moon-landing,” and “punkin chunkin.”

If you’re still reeling from laughter over the Dunphy doozies that were dropped before the mid-season break, check out the 10 best quotes from season 3 — and make sure to tune in for more humdingers when Modern Family returns January 4!

10. Longinus: “Oh hell, here comes my ex!”
Cam: “Who? Randolph?”
Mitchell: “Marcus?”
Cam: “LeMicheal?”

LeMazing names!

9. Mitchell: “So, we haven’t told the family yet but we’ve decided to adopt a baby boy!”
Cam: “From America this time, you might say we’re buying domestic.”
Mitchell: “In private. You might say that in private.”

At least Cam and Mitchell are doing their part to support the economy.

8. Phil free-styles: “Girl you crazy. I’m mad fun to shop with. Trapped in between two whole wheat slices. Pastrami and Swiss are my only vices.”

With raps like that, Phil will be knocking up a Beyonce look-alike in no time.

7. Alex tells Haley to shut up: “Could you L a little less OL?”

Is she talking to us? ‘Cause no.

6. Phil questions Claire’s version of the truth: “Guess it’s one of those things we’ll never know. Like what happened to the Titanic.”

Please, everyone knows what happened to the Titanic: Kate and Leo made sweet love on it.

Credit: Peter Stone/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

5. Cam: “It’s ironic. Like the gift of the vaji.”

Nothing’s more ironic than a va-jay-jay.

4. Luke gets ready to set off a firework: “After this, we’re gonna have some Angry Birds.”
Mitchell: “Yeah, it’s gonna be bye-bye birdie!”

Oh, Mitchell.

3. Cam self-diagnoses: “I sleep-clown.”

Much more frightening than sleep-walking.

2. Phil traumatizes Jay: “I know you were reluctant to get that massage, but I think we can both agree it had a happy ending.”

We feel anything but happy about this situation.

1. Gloria: “Luke.”
Luke: “At what?”

Who knew there could be a language barrier between people speaking the same language?

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