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7 Things to Expect From Switched at Birth’s Mid-Season Premiere!

Get ready to rock, because there are only a few days left until Switched at Birth returns to our lives! We were lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of January 3rd’s mid-season premiere and we’re still recovering from it’s sheer awesomeness. Luckily, we have five sneak peaks to get you pumped up for next week.

1. Bay Bonds With Her Dad... Kind of.
Bay is eager to form a relationship with her biological father, but John is wary about his daughter hanging out with a total stranger. Let’s just say that Bay finds a way to hang with Angelo — but it doesn’t exactly turn out for the best.

2. Daphne and Wilke Get Wet n’ Wild
Daphne might pretend to be disinterested in Switched at Birth’s resident ditzy jock, but an emotional scene during the premiere hints that there might be a love-connection in the works! And yes, we can promise you a shirtless and dripping wet Wilke!

3. Daphne and Emmett Have a Sleepover
Emmett is dating Bay, so why does he wake up in a cozy tent sharing a pillow with Daphne? Ruh-roh, someone call cupid because his arrow missed its target!

4. Our Favorite Couple Get Into an Argument
Emmett and Bay are the cutest couple in ABC Family history, but their relationship gets rocky during the season premiere. Could it have to do with Daphne and Emmett’s impromptu sleepover? Our lips are sealed!

5. A New Hottie Joins the Crew
Emmet and Wilke meet one of Bay’s ex-best friends at a Guitar Face concert. Is this lady just a guest star, or will she stick around for a quick love triangle or two?

6. Kathryn Unearths a New Clue
Kathryn and John are desperate to win their lawsuit against the hospital that switched Bay and Daphne, and a new clue drives Kathryn to sneak around without John knowing. Will her vigilante mission hurt their relationship, or make them stronger?

7. Regina Changes Her Story
Regina has always painted Angelo as a terrible person and distant father, but she has a change of heart during the mid-season premiere. Do we see a sexy reunion on the horizon?!

Intrigued by these juicy teasers? Then don’t miss Switched at Birth when it premieres on Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!