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Drake Weighs in on the Infamous Forehead Tattoo: “It’s Surreal”

Surreal... or creepy?

In an interview with L.A. radio host Mando Fresko (via HuffPo), Drake commented on the die-hard fan who recently got his name tattooed in all caps across her forehead. "I want to talk to this girl and understand it all," he said, adding. "I feel you 100 percent, that to me is absolutely incredible."

However, he eventually pushed the interviewer’s iPhone away (Mando had pulled up the pic), saying, "I don't even want to look at it anymore because it's surreal." Was that really the word he was searching for?

But the rapper didn't mince words when discussing the tattoo "artist," Kevin Campbell, who did the inking: "The guy who tatted that is a f***ing a**hole, though, I will tell you that," he said. "I don't f**k with that guy. F**k you to that tat artist by the way, 'cause you an a**hole, for real. And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don't f**k with you. And if I ever see you, I'm a f**k you up."

In a candid chat with Vice Magazine, Campbell admitted he was never really on board with the tattoo, but that the lady seemed psyched. "She acted as if she had planned it out for a while, but I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead," he said.

"My whole deal with people wanting completely outrageous and potentially life-ruining tattoos is this: I'll ask them three times if they really think it's a good idea, I tell them what the potential consequences of getting a tattoo on their face might be, and after that, the bad decision is on them," he added. "In the end, she paid me to do this to her, which really means she did this to herself."

The problem? Campbell also revealed that he was pretty sure the woman was on something at the time, which begs an important question: Why didn't he turn her away? "[Y]eah, sure, I could have turned her away, and I'm already getting a ton of flack from other tattooers for this, but the way I see it, if she's got her little heart set on getting her forehead tattooed then she'll just keep on trying until somebody finally goes through with it."

But that isn't even the real issue: Campbell didn't know who Drake was! "I figured it was her hood or some s**t, not some goofnugget R&B dude," he spilled.

So many levels of wrong...

Sources: HuffPo, Vice Magazine

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12.30.2011 / 07:06 AM EDT by Laura Case
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