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The Vampire Diaries

Major Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Do Damon and Elena Have a Romantic Future?

Warning! Spoilers below!

Stelena fans, hold onto your magical lapis lazuli necklaces! The second half of Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries has Delena written all over it.

While there’s always plenty more going on in Mystic Falls than the relationship drama we can’t live without (like, you know, death, destruction, and a maniacal hybrid army),TVD exec producer Julie Plec hints to TV Guide that Damon and Elena’s romance will garner ample screen time during the second half of Season 3.

With Elena less-than-pleased that Stefan ruined her plan to kill Klaus – in her head, anyway – Plec says Damon and Elena will once again support each other through the rough times ahead, which reportedly includes some deep and scary stuff. The duo will not only have to grapple with the confusion they both feel about where Stefan fits in their lives now – they’ll also face real, physical challenges, like one very angry un-daggered vampire sister, Rebekah. All the dramz will only bring Delena closer together and their super hawt chemistry will take center stage, making it so no one – especially themselves – can deny it.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows: Damon will be back to his old shenangians – or, as Plec puts it: “Acting out, day-drinking, pouting and being generally curmudgeonly." But even that won’t put a stop to Delena’s burgeoning love story. With “Stefan out of the picture” the romantic tension between D and E will finally be allowed to “come out to play” in a big way, she says.

"The question of 'Does Elena love Damon [and] has she been fully falling for him all along?' is going to be very much a part of the season,” said Plec.

Oh, for us, it was never even a question!

Source: TV Guide

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