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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoilers: New Scoop on Jake’s Return, Cassie’s Sibling, and the Power of Dark Magic

Another day, another batch of scintillating Secret Circle spoilers! Check out 5 tasty treats about next week’s mid-season premier, and then join us in a group spell to make the days fly by faster!

1. On when Jake (Chris Zylka) will be back in our lives: Immediately! Jake might have boated off into the great unknown when we last saw him, but he’s back and better than ever when the series returns.

2. On when Cassie (Britt Robertson) will use her dark magic: Cassie will tap into her sinister side straight away. Dark magic courses through her veins, and try as she might to keep it at bay, she’ll definitely learn a lot about why these powers makes her who she is.

3. On finding out about Cassie’s sibling: We won’t find out who the other Blackwell spawn is in the mid-season premiere, but let’s all hope it isn’t Adam. Because, awkward!

4. On Melissa’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) dad: Melissa is too busy plotting and scheming for power with Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) to worry about her family tree. We won’t discover any more about her parents in The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 10: "Darkness", but Melissa does make friends with Chance Harbor’s newest hunk, Grey Damon.

5. On Charles Meade’s (Gale Harold) mom: We’ve been pretty worried about Charles these days, but never fear – it’s mommy to the rescue! Kate Meade is in town for a visit, and she’s at odds with the other people in his life (cough, Dawn, cough). Meanwhile, Charles is paranoid about how much Ethan (Adam Harrington) knows and probably wishes he had gone ahead and drowned him in that pool of water-vomit.

Catch an all-new episode of The Secret Circle when it returns on January 5th!

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