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Glee Sex Watch 2012: Brittana Romance Tops Reader’s TV Wish List

Looks like Gleeks are ready for Brittana to take the plunge into a more serious brand of itemhood! TVLine’s newly-released write-in reader wish list for 2012 includes some love for the show’s less-acknowledged Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) relationship — and it sounds like the people are gettin’ restless!

“I wish for Brittana to start acting like an actual couple,” a reader wrote, “Three seasons and no on-screen kiss? That's not right. It would also be nice if they could actually talk to each other every now and then.”

Snap! But truthfully, we’d love it too!

And since we know Ryan Murphy is never one to shy away from controversy (duhhh!), we have a feeling something more promising could be in store here for fans of McKinley’s resident lady-duo. Santana has been struggling so much to come to terms with herself this season, and a grand finale of that journey could result in a more open and “out there” Brittana, right? Here’s hopin’!

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As for Santana’s real-life counterpart, another reader wrote in to say that they wish Naya Rivera could get some award buzz for her portrayal of the conflicted teen. She’s def at the heart of this season’s more lovable of storylines, and with the addition of Mama Lopez incoming, we have a feeling that the Santana/Naya action isn’t gonna end anytime soon. Which we (and you and the critics) love!

Among readers’ other wishes? The full-time return of Dave Karofsky and a duet between Kurt and Sam!

Tell us: What’s YOUR wish?

Source: TVLine

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