Kasey Kahl and Sarah Carroll Laugh Off Romance Rumors
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The Bachelorette

Kasey Kahl and Sarah Carroll Laugh Off Romance Rumors

Kasey Kahl and Jake Pavelka should just go ahead and date each other. There are just too many romance links between them, including a new(er) mention of Kasey hanging out with Jake’s ex, Sarah Carroll.

To recap, Jake was first engaged to his Bachelor 14 chosen one Vienna Girardi, then she dated Kasey during Bachelor Pad Season 2. For a while, Jake was dating Sarah Carroll — Virgin Mobile ambassador and half of the fake celeb couple “Sparah.”

In October, Star magazine said Kasey might be "betraying" Vienna by getting cozy with Sarah on Oct. 4 at Trousdale, where a friend of Sarah's introduced her to Kasey. RumorFix checked with the couple's rep who said, "The story is absolutely fiction. Kasey was hanging out with Vienna’s best friends. Sarah is not something he is interested in and him and Vienna are a happy couple. They are going on vacation in the next couple of days.”

Except now we know that Vienna and Kasey had been kaput for five weeks before their official breakup in mid-November. So, naturally, the Sarah rumor is back in action.

Yesterday, Sarah tweeted to Kasey, “I miss you ‘boyfriend!’ Lol” — and she included an image of a tabloid blurb pairing the “couple” once again. This time the story reads, “‘Kasey and Sarah were all over each other,' says an eyewitness at Nov. 17's Sloane & Tate launch party in L.A. 'He was telling her how he's so over Vienna — and begging Sarah to come home with him that night."

Kasey replied to Sarah’s tweet, “Lol miss you too. Hah. New years plans?” She said, “Not yet. You??”

So, OK, it’s good that they can laugh at the rumors... but the conversation just stopped there. Could they have direct messaged each other their plans? Is this exactly the kind of speculating they want us to do (so they can laugh it about it more later)? Is Jake Pavelka’s new girlfriend trying to distract us with a goat? Because it’s working.

Source: Twitter

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