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So You Think You Can Dance

Who Is Your Favorite So You Think You Can Dance Winner of All Time? You Tell Us!

For eight blissful seasons, So You Think You Can Dance has elevated the ‘cool’ factor of dance in America. Throughout the years, we’ve seen eight very different and extremely talented dancers get showered with confetti and sob with an overwhelming amount of emotion as they receive the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”

While we adore each and every one of them for their abilities and uniqueness, we want to know which SYTYCD winner stood out the most for you.

Season 1 Winner Nick Lazzarini

Emerging from the pack of Season 1's eager dancers was jazz/contemporary dancer Nick Lazzarini. Nick could spin like a top, had effortless jumps, and a love for the art form that shone through every time he performed.

He’s the original SYTYCD winner!

Season 2 Winner Benji Schwimmer

The following season, the gangly, high energy West Coast swingin’ Benji Schwimmer won the hearts of America. Benji had charisma coming out his ears and excelled in both his partnering skills and solo performances.

He’s fun and larger than life — not only is he a great dancer, but he also seems like he’d be a great buddy too!

Season 3 Winner Sabra Johnson

Season 3, we had our first female winner of SYTYCD. Sabra Johnson brought some serious girl power to the competition, proving that SYTYCD is NOT strictly a man’s world.

Every week, Sabra wowed the judges and America with beautiful performances and a genuine persona. Is Sabra your favorite?

Season 4 Winner Joshua Allen

Or, perhaps, you were charmed by hip hop dancer Joshua Allen, who used his intuition and natural abilities to win Season 4 of SYTYCD. It was the first season an ‘untrained’ dancer made it to the end of the competition.

Joshua was America’s dancin’ teddy bear — if he wasn’t wowing us with his performance, you just wanted to give him a big ol' hug!

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Season 5 Winner Jeanine Mason

Contemporary dancer Jeanine Mason was the ‘dark horse’ of Season 5. We were impressed by her dancing from day 1, but did not initially predict her to be the last dancer standing. Then she performed her stunning solo in the finale … Adam Shankman shouted with glee when Jeanine danced “Por Una Cabeza.” After that, it was a done deal!

Jeanine is powerful and graceful. Is she your favorite?

Season 6 Winner Russell Ferguson

Season 6 winner Russell Ferguson was the first krumper to win the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.” Like Joshua, he had very little formal dance training, but he made up for this ‘deficit’ with an infectious smile and endless energy.

Did Russell put you under a dancin’ spell with his fantastic hip hop/krump dancing and bright personality?

Season 7 Winner Lauren Froderman

She may be petite, but Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman packs a ton of power and personality into her tiny frame. Lauren tackled every dance form the competition threw at her with confidence and poise.

She’s the total ‘girl next door’ off the stage, but on the stage she’s a dancin’ diva!

Season 8 Winner Melanie Moore

From the first moment we saw contemporary dancer Melanie Moore at her audition in Atlanta, we knew we were witnessing something special. Despite her enormous talent, Melanie is completely down to earth and humble about her success on the show. Her dancing and on stage presence appears effortless, as if she was born to to this!

How can you not adore her?

Now, you tell us … which SYTYCD winner is your fave?

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