Blind Items Revealed: Who Was the Star Behind the DWTS Season 13 Gossip Items?
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Dancing With The Stars

Blind Items Revealed: Who Was the Star Behind the DWTS Season 13 Gossip Items?

Crazy Days and Nights is known for posting juicy blind items. On New Year’s Day, the site held Gossip Christmas by revealing the subjects of many 2011’s items. Two of those reveals were Dancing With the Stars-related and included Rob Kardashian.

Here’s the first one: “This contestant made waves in the past week alleging that married pros were having affairs with married contestants. He said this after he hit on an attached pro and she turned him down.”

The reveal was Rob — not like we didn’t already know — and the pro he hit on was probably Lacey Schwimmer, who isn’t married but is attached. They don’t mention the pro’s name, but Rob said in an interview that he had a small crush on the pro.

The second reveal is pretty interesting, but also not too surprising if you’ve been following behind-the-scenes gossip: “‘Yeah, the producers asked me (C+ list actress with A list name recognition) to be on that show (hit network reality show featuring lots of couples who dance), but I told them no, because it was just not the way I see myself or feel would be beneficial to my craft as an actress. How is being on that show going to win me an Oscar? Plus, they don't pay enough and I am just way too busy with other projects. I have so much going on now and can't waste my time with something like that, but it is good for you (reality show brother) because you don't have a lot going on and the money is probably right for someone like you.’"

The reveal: Lindsay Lohan talking to Rob Kardashian.

Does Rob laugh in Lindsay’s face now that he’s used DWTS for what she really needed — image rehab? And how is posing for Playboy going to win her an Oscar?

Read the full blind item reveals for more juicy gossip, including a couple of other DWTS-related items.

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

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